Lucy's takeaway

We want local communities and individuals in Espoo to enjoy good food even during these difficult times. Lucy's takeaway menu is available for pick up from the restaurant!

Takeaway between 12-20 hours. Last orders by 19 o'clock

  • Order by phone 0403532522 or by email kitchen@lucyinthesky.fi

  • Pre-orders can be done for the next day as well, we hope pre-orders for larger groups.

  • Payment by card when picking up

  • Foods are provided cold, you can heat them right at home or save them for later.

Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice 8€ Kimchi fried rice, chili pickled eggplant and fermented cabbage Allergens: Chili, vegan

BBQ Pork

BBQ pulled pork 14,90€ BBQ pulled pork, parmesan polenta, pork caramel and tamarind sauce Allergens:milk, corn,onion,ginger


Ribs 14.90€ pork ribs with rocotto, tamarind and asian umami sauce, coriander, chicli rounds and lime quaters Contains: coriander, chili, citrus, pork, onion, paprika, soy, sesame seeds


Salmon Scallopini 14.90€ Panko crusted fried salmon scallopini with salt&sugar cucumber, baby spinach and wild herb yoghurt dressing and sakio miso dressing contains: gluten, citrus, dijon mustard, egg, salmon, dairy , lactose free, spinach

Chicken schnitzel

Chicken schnitzel 14.90€ Fried southern style chicken breast with dry roasted corn, cauliflower, "Ranch" buttermilk dressing contains: Egg, Gluten, Dairy, Onion, Lactose free, Garlic, Corn


Buckwheat "Faux-zotto" 14.90€ Bukwheat faux-zotto with beetroots, roasted parsnips and pickled carrot contains: tofu, seeds,root vegetables, purple shiso, onion, sesame seeds


Greens & beans 6€ Sautee of pickled beans and cabbage greens with soy-mirin Contains: soy, Beans, pak choi, choi sam, sesame seeds Steamed sushi rice 4€ Steamed sushi rice with dried purple shiso and sesame seeds contains: purple shiso and sesame seeds Steamed rice


Desserts: Salted caramel snicker 6€ salted caramel, peanut praline, flourless chocolate cake and ganache Contains: Dairy, lactose free, gluten free, peanuts, chocolate, egg